Lead UX/UI design, User Testing, Service Design. 
Due to social distancing during the lockdown, we needed to find an alternative way to service and educate customers in our Branch and Café locations and quickly. Send Me Something or SMS for short establishes a new way to share information and provides an interactive takeaway for visitors. The user was both customer and visitors, so the solution needed to be ubiquitous. To facilitate the interplay between Ambassador, the Customer and each of their devices, I created a service blueprint that was also used in training our associates.
Currently in market, the feedback to SMS has been extremely strong. Although it was originally designed to overcome the challenges of social distancing, our Ambassador continue to use it over QR codes. "it feels more professional, a curated brochure, instead of just point them to a QR code"
Defining some Jargon - Ambassadors are our front of line associates that assist customers in our Branch and Café locations. Apex is a servicing tool on the iPad.
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