I was initially contracted by SecondBrain to help them popularize their new app, Rapgod.ai at a music event. I designed and oversaw fabrication of an arcade machine loaded with the app. You can check out a video recap of that here. A year later, they had acquired funding and been accepted into Techstars Music 2018. I initially began freelancing UX/UI work, and in the fast-paced start-up environment, I expanded my skillset to deliver across design and strategy needs. Below are some of the artifacts from my work with SecondBrain and a link to the final pitch to investors and leaders in the music industry.
Techstars Music Accelerator 2018
Communication is hard; SecondBrain can help.
SecondBrain builds artificially intelligent tools to assist you in the writing process.
Our focus is on building a creative writing AI that understands tone and style. And to access the AI we're developing new interaction models for collaborative writing between human and AI.
To get started on this journey we built Rapgod.ai
Rapgod.ai lets you ghostwrite with the help of your favorite rappers! 
- Suggests which lyrics should come next based on what you have already written.
- Assists in your creative process & frees you from writers block.
- Access a library of artist's secondbrains to write & rhyme in their style.
Rap is one of the most nuanced and complex forms of language. By starting with poetry, we have proven that secondbrains have the ability to help you find success in any form of written communication.
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